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Branding is used mainly through advertising campaigns and needs to have a consistent theme which is unique and can be understood. When designing branding we aim to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market place which will attract new customers and help to retain loyal existing customers.

Let’s start with “What Is Branding”, it is the process of creating a unique name and image for a company or product that will deliver a message to a consumers’ mind. It is not just a logo design.

Choosing a branding agency can be a nightmare with branding agencies charging anything from £300 to £150,000 and upwards with no ceiling – if you gulped and said: “Are you kidding me?

Think about the time research, messaging, and visual design processes used and needed to create the perfect brand statement, you can’t put a price on using the best designers in the business, creative thinking and execution comes at a cost and here our brand designers have decades of experience.

We always craft a solution that fits your business and we are here to help you understand the options you have to ensure you can make the best decision for your branding and still be cost-effective working to your budget requirements.

Here are The Visible Rank we started building our own business in 2001 and we soon learnt that standing out in the market was critical to our success.

The cost of designing a brand strategy for our clients varies with each project and once a client realises that to hit their goals they need a clear identity, costs become less important because this is the foundation of the entire future of the business.

We often bring business strategy to all projects even when clients think they don’t need it because we understand that a message based on a weak positioning is going to fall on deaf ears and because here at The Visible Rank we have the branding design team working alongside the web development and search engine optimisation marketing team we offer more than nearly all other brand agencies in the world

Our Online Celebrity Marketing Agency services include

Celebrity Website

Custom Website Design.

Branding Design and Logo’s

Search Engine Optimizations

Content writing services

Blog writing and syndication

Press release writing and syndication

Social Media Marketing

Online Defence Management




    Tushaar from theVisibleRank is an active Online business consultant, and he is polite, friendly and pay attentions to details for the job he carry on,He calls me on time for our teleconference, and can get into depth in discussion of the keywords and can explain the techniques and specific details about the way it works. I would recommend Tushaar to others in need of Best SEO Services

    FLOORNDECOR – Adelaide

    LISA Did an excellent job handling the design of our web site and her team made sure I was updated throughout the process and gave me insight to help make my web page more user friendly for my customers. I would highly recommend LISA if you are looking to build your brand online or just in need of web design.

    -Sincerely, Jullian Chong

    SEO / Marketing

    Tushaar has been instrumental in helping us build an incredible lead generating machine through our Adwords and remarketing campaigns. Working with Tom is a pleasure; with his guidance we have seen an increase in lead flow, tremendous efficiency and a very solid ROI.

    -Paul – Sydney

    SEO / Marketing


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